Target 1

Safety in Kimolos island water supply

BriZE project secures the uninterruptible and rational water supply of Kimolos

A. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
CO2 is emitted from the electricity consumption to power the desalination plants. The specific energy consumption is in the order of 2.5-4.0 kWh/m3 in modern reverse osmosis plants and still represents the most important factor in the O&M cost and CO2 emissions.

The mitigation of the environmental footprint of CO2 will be achieved through the installation of 100 kWp PV array, that will cover the 70% of the global electricity consumption of the desalination unit

B. Brine disposal
The brine disposal burdens the environmental footprint of the desalination plants while –at the same time- deteriorates the marine eco-systems in the rejection area.
To reduce this impact, a BTS system will be installed that will treat a part of the brine and will produce additional 4.0 m3/day of freshwater.

The system is based on the distillation under vacuum principle while the required heat comes from a high temperature heat pump (~80 oC).

Target 2

Mitigation of the environmental footprint of desalination plants

The most important environmental footprints of the desalination units are the CO2 emissions and the brine disposal